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Current AMI Limits

Technical Services Definition

FY2023 NOTICE OF FUNDING AVAILABILITY (NOFA) OWNER-OCCUPIED REPAIR PROJECT PROGRAMS Applications are due:   November 8,  2022 Notice of Approval/Denial:  November 21, 2022 Approximate Funding Available: $72,000 Submit an electronic copy of the application to Andrew Collings at The following must be submitted to be considered for funding: 
  • Amount Requested
  • Number of units < 30% Area Median Income, number of units 31-<50% AMI, and number of units 51%-<80% AMI (See attached table)
  • Provide Project Sources/Uses information (See attached tables)
Funding Restrictions:
  • The maximum per home reimbursement is $15,000.
  • Five-year forgivable liens will be put on any property if the repairs are over $4,000.00
  • Applicants requesting funds may not reapply until SCHT has reimbursed at least 50% of the applicant’s current and open OOR grants
  • Technical services cannot exceed 15% of the grant award (See attached document)
  • Solicitation of multiple bids is required for repair activities on major home repairs such as roof or HVAC replacement or activities over $6,000
  • Contractors should be from Story County
The following must be submitted to be considered for funding: 
  • Amount of SCHT funding requested and other documented sources of funding (if applicable)
  • If applying for owner-occupied repair funding, please provide the criteria for your current owner-occupied assistance program as applicable
  • Provide Program Summary of Services to be offered Sources/Uses information
OOR Assistance Grant funds may be used for:
  • Extraordinary Repairs:  Repair of one or more of the major building systems: electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural (including but not limited to roof, girders, foundation, septic system)
  • Preventative Repairs: Rehabilitation or repair that will delay or prevent major replacement
  • Deferred Repairs: Repairs that have been delayed addressing other priority concerns
Funding is granted based on the recommendation of the Funding Review Committee and final approval by the Board of Directors.  Approved funding may be less than the amount requested by the Applicant. Funds are provided on a reimbursement basis. (Note: Please allow additional processing time for reimbursement.) The following information is required before funds are released:
  • household address and composition
  • demographic information (e.g., ethnicity, disability status, age, etc.),
  • household income
  • sources of other funds used to provide owner-occupied assistance